Friday, April 5, 2013

The Latest Innovations in Surf Clothing

Are you looking for the latest innovations in surf clothing? Then you can be assured that this is the right article for you. Trends in surf wear have come from far. In fact, some of the surf clothing sets trends that others follow in terms of their dress sense.
Surfing is becoming more popular and the sense of style that most surfers utilize is sending shockwaves around the globe. This popular culture is typically associated with a style that reflects attitude and a young and laid-back vibe. Most of the new brands that pop up on a daily basis derive their success on how the young (14 to 30 year olds) are receptive of the products.

New Surf Clothing Trends and Labels

Traditional labels are also quite popular even in the modern day scenario. Still, hot new brands are hitting the shelves faster than ever before. They are also giving corporate brands a run for their money.

Favourites in surf clothing include RVCA, Hippy Tree and Freedom Artists. Regardless of the quirky names, the well- constructed products and great styles are bound to catch your attention if you are into the surfing world.

a) Simplicity, Creativity and Durability

As the latest innovations in surf style, these three brands have stayed true to surfing trends and the lifestyle that comes with it. The collections are durable and simple. Additionally, the designs remain creative and do not go overboard.

b) Environmentally Friendly Products

These brands are also environmentally friendly. Most of the items are manufactured using organic and environmentally-friendly materials. Most shorts and shirts come in green, brown and blue- which reflect the real colours of nature.

c) Exotic Footwear

The footwear that comes with the latest innovations in surf clothing will also please your eyes and feet. Sanuk has made its products with the surfer's comfort and style in mind. There are many choices for those who want to look fashionable and still surf comfortably. The footwear also takes the environment into consideration. You will get something in every pattern and design, although earthy tones dominate most surfing footwear collections.

1. T- Shirts

Actually, the latest innovations in surf clothing revolve around t-shirts. Most of these t-shirts are made using cotton material. They also come in a variety of styles and colours and range from long sleeve versions to tank top and short versions.

Fashionable surf wear also has logos of the brand represented and some graphical elements. This ranges from illustrations to photographs.

2. Hoodies and Sweatshirts

These also form an integral part of the new, popular surf wear look. This is especially useful after an early- morning or late evening surf session or when the weather and temperatures cool down.

3. Swim Trunks

Also known as board shorts, swim trunks complete the newest surf clothing look. Some people have gone beyond wearing board shorts at the beach exclusively. This is why they have become common urban street wear.

You can get board shorts in a variety of graphic patterns and colours. They are also available in alternative lengths. Some can be worn above the knee slightly. However, the retro- look has resurfaces meaning that most are much shorter than this. The only thing that has stuck is that board shorts are still made using synthetic and lightweight fabrics that dry quickly and are more flexible.

4. Flip Flops

The latest surf look can only be completed by a pair of flip-flops or slippers. Overall, whether you plan to hit the beach or lay back and relax in the summer heat, you need to choose the right surf clothing that will suit you perfectly.

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